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Date: 02/25/2009
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Comments (7)

too blue.
light blue text on lighter blue background sounds sexy - if you're John Bobbit, not so much if you're eyes are straining to read the (@*!

stupid IE6 notice: If you're smart enough to detect IE6, install the appropriate hacks as well and shut the f*ck up!


#1: Mark on 02/25 at 07:33 PM

ha ha...that's funny... telling me I have ie6, but not actually designing to accommodate it...If I have ie6, why would I go through all of the update process to see your site? If I want to update ie6 I will, otherwise, build a site I can view in ie6!

#2: aguy on 02/25 at 09:13 PM

I do similar IE6 notices. People need to keep up with the times and quite using crappy browsers. Designing for IE6 enables slackers and is a waste of time imo.

#3: steve on 02/26 at 04:47 AM

Steve, you actually charge clients for your services? Its unbelievable, that a "web designer" could be so naive!..

how about this thought, as a "professional" web designer, you need to "keep up with the times" and realize that ( as much of a piece of crap it is ) ie6 is still used extensively, and to think lil' ol' you can change that, you're just kidding yourself! "Designing for IE6 enables slackers and is a waste of time imo." ??????? WOW! I hope my competitors have your attitude, because if they do, I'm going to be BUSY!!

#4: aguy on 02/26 at 04:55 AM

IE6 has about a 19% share of net usage. That's way too much for a bad browser, but since you have to be running XP or higher to get 7 or 8, that's all some people can get (people running win2k can't upgrade).

With as many workarounds available for IE6, it's inexcusable not to have decent downgrades.

#5: Security on 02/26 at 01:54 PM

Is this site biased? They can't accept my design for my site why? everyone else has showcased it

#6: Zeal on 02/27 at 07:16 AM

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