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Hello to all,
I’ve coded webpages, as well as tinkered with C++ for well over 15 years. However, up until now it has always been a hobby, as I’ve been a full timer in another field. I’ve always done work for friends and family, mostly for a cocktail or two! :)
As I retire, I wish to continue in this area as a full time business but, to be candid, I’m know little about small businesses and less about generating paying customers.
If anyone would like to look at my site at, as well as the link on that page to examples of my previous (free) work, I’d be most appreciative.
I don’t want to start giving out pricing (assuming I can even find paying customers) that is too low as it is my understanding that low-balling is one of the reasons this field of expertise is often under-priced in the market place. I have indeed listed some estimated costs, but any suggestions would be helpful.

Any help with respect to marketing skills here in New Jersey would be most appreciated as well.
Thank you in advance for any assistance you can render.

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Hello. :)

First - I would HIGHLY recommend taking a look at the optimization of your site first.  Keyword research hasn’t been done or (if it has) you’ve elected to go after phrases that are (for now) past the strength of the site.  You need to pick phrases you can get and start driving traffic.  I would recommend focusing on regional phrases to begin with and then moving on to affordable web design , etc.

You’re pricing in on par with the site and offerings.  I was relieved to see that you didn’t over-price your services.

I would recommend blogging and visiting forums (like this one) and talking and helping.  Fine for links but better for reputation building.  Your biggest strength I think will be you in this one.  The site reflects a brochure site and that’s what you’re charging for which works but to that end - the sale won’t be a flashy site - it’ll be you - the friendly guy sitting at his desk with a picture of you and your lovely wife in the background.  In a world of flashy sites that are likely intimidating to many - there is probably a niche for the type of sites you do and presentation you have but you still need to get found.

Optimize your site, build some links, build your reputation and use a blog to help your reputation and help your visitors know who the friendly guy is and you just might make a go of it. :)

Good luck !

Dave Davies
Beanstalk SEO

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Before you start creating your own business first you need to create first your own website to easily promote products that you want to market and you should start selecting strategy that you use in order to get successful. It is also better if you join some campaigns or programs in order to have good start up.

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