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I want to make just one point. Since you are going to start your career, it is very critical for you to create a reputation for yourself. I would even go to the extent of saying, that your first day, will make or break your career, in terms of how the students percieve you.
You have to mean business. You can use the technique of auto suggestion, wherein you feed your subconscious mind with powerful thoughts and clearly visualize yourself having the whole class under your control and also make students look at you in awe.
The moment you enter the class, irrespective of the age group, you need to be ruthless and unconventional in the way you deliver the modules. You can take a deviation from the customary style of introducing yourself. You can randomly pick up students and ask them questions, taking their age into consideration.
To give you an example, you can pick up a student and ask him to give an impromptu speech on the topic of Holidays. You then pick up another student and ask him to go backward from alphabet Z till A. While doing this, see that you keep on moving round and maintain continuous eye contact . You need to stamp your authority. Your nervous energy will be used to your advantage and gradually you will get your confidence going.
Once you do this, believe me, your career is taken care of. 

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