Build an Animation Studio in India
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Hello there,
I’m an American. I wish to Set up an Animation Studio in India. Presently i’m browsing for animators. I decided on India for the reason that it is less costly in comparison with U.S. I would like to fully understand the measures for setting up a organization in India, specifically an animation studio.

Could you guys please guide me out?


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There’s no point in getting a Mac unless you feel like throwing away money. Okay, might be smart if you were using final cut pro or anything else that only runs on os x. Though, you won’t have much luck with 3ds max on os x. 

Obviously, i7 would be ideal because of its hyper-threading but I’ve no idea what the prices in India are.
If it blows your budget an i5 is totally fine as well.
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As for the motherboard, you can’t go wrong with either Gigabyte, MSI or Asus.
4 gigs of RAM are fine but 8 is better.
5750 is all you need