CSS in Widgets
Posted: 07 April 2011 08:44 PM   [ Ignore ]
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I am trying to find a way to add CSS to widgets in a wordpress sidebar.

I have used the regular text box which will allow me to add HTML or Javascript with no problem. But I am trying to dress up a widget for http://cheapmalta.net If you look you can see there is an image of an iPod for subscribing to podcasts. Everything I try seems to fail.

What I am trying to accomplish is to have an image like the one on http://exoticvisitors.com of a new novel as a background. The problem is that I want to have clickable text in the widget. The only way I can find to do it is to make the entire image a hyperlink. That will not work because I need several links over the image.

Does anyone know of a way to add CSS to text widgets or is there a wordpress plugin available? I have looked everywhere.