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It does not matter if you are a London building contractor for just a few

days or for several years. It is imperative that you join a builders’

association. This is the only way you can enjoy the following benefits:

1. High Credibility

When it comes to choosing building contractors, plenty of home owners rely

not only on educational background and experience but also on credibility.

Those who belong to UK building contractors’ association are more preferred.

After all, they will not be part of the organization if they are unreliable

in the first place. Moreover, members of an association uphold to strict

guidelines and principles, with careful attention given to consumer


2. Free Marketing and Information

You do have to spend thousands of pounds for advertising alone: brochures,

pamphlets, flyers, websites, and newspaper ads. Any free marketing material

is always welcome. Today, plenty of builders London organizations operate

their own online database, where potential customers can search for a

builder. You will be given your own comprehensive profile, including the

posting of your business name and contact details.

On the other hand, you have a free access to their knowledge base and

consultations from certified experts. You can also use the federation

builders’ names and logos in your business cards and marketing materials to

enhance your credibility.

3. Extensive Network Connection

Never discount the power of referrals. Many home builders are so popular

they cannot handle all requests. However, they will be more than happy to

pass the jobs to another home builder, which can be you. It is also possible

to ask for tips on where to look for the best suppliers, contractors,

draftsmen, and other people who can be part of your team.

4. Excellent Support

It is common for different federation of builders to maintain their own

staff. Their job is to ensure assistance to the members at all times. What

do they do? A support staff can assist you in recruiting and dismissing

employees, drafting and negotiating contracts, determining VAT, identifying

healthy and safety codes and possible lapses, filing insurance claims,

mediating during disputes and arbitrations, etc. Other aids can prop-up

trading, build contract law, plan appeals, assist in taxation, and the


5. Priority over the Others

During trade fairs, exhibits, and seminars, organization members are

preferred over the non-members. As an association member, you will be the

first one to know about several events. This is due to extensive network and

personal invitation. If you are participating, you may even get discounts on

booth or registration fees.

6. Insurance Filing

It is not enough to have a certificate to prove you are a licensed builder

or contractor. You cannot do the job without any kind of insurance policy.

Fortunately, guilds can already process and even review insurance policies

for you. They will be the ones to coordinate with your existing broker. If

you don’t have one yet, they can provide the best insurance company.

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