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society in the world, and dates back to the 1800’s.

Rodney Street in Liverpool is commonly known as the “Harley Street of the North”, due to the large number of doctors based there. It originated from the 1780’s and was mostly developed in the 1820’s. During this period it mostly housed the wealthy and former Prime Minister William Ewart was born there. A number of medical consulting rooms reside in Rodney Street, and anything from cosmetic surgeons to dentists practice there. It is still seen as an area for medical expertise to this day.

Macquarie Street in Sydney, Australia was once nicknamed “the Harley Street of Sydney”. Like much of the city the name bares that of Lachlan Macquarie, who was the governor of Sydney from 1810 until 1821. He was responsible for much of the early building of the City, including this street. Until around 20 years ago there were a large number of medical practices there, although this has mostly now been taken over by business premises, as the street runs through the City just east of the centre. One famous medical building that does remain though is the Sydney Hospital, which is the oldest hospital in Australia. It has been around since 1788 and at its present site since 1811. It specialises in ophthalmology and hand surgery, but also houses an emergency department.

Two other places that have had areas compared with Harley Street (though on much smaller scales) are Darling Street in Enniskillen in Ireland, and Chapel Place in Ramsgate in England.

Enniskillen is a town of approximately 13,000 people in the province of Ulster. It is a Georgian town with Victorian influences. Within the town lies Darling Street, which was referred to as, “the Harley Street of Enniskillen” in the 1840’s. This comes from the fact that nine of the eleven doctors surgeries in the town where based in this street.

North Sydney Dentist
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