how to floats position to bottom of div, div1 float:left is tall div div2 float:right; is short div
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I’m making a header and on the left the div is taller (121px) on the right the div is shorter (height varies)

When I float the divs left and right they work fine beside each other.

However; the second shorter div goes to the TOP right I’d be looking for it to go to the bottom right.

To be clear I don’t mean the bottom of the page, I mean the bottom of the div both floated divs are contained in.

Here’s a VERY clear example of what I have compared to what I want.

Pay Attention to div-1a ( the red div )

the first image is what seems to happen by default, the second image is my goal.

Although in this example the left div is the short one .. same idea applies though

I’d prefer to do this without tables to avoid the extra mark up and without using padding or margin to push the div down as the shorter div may very in height

Thanks for any advice!

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