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How to Improve my SEO Strategy
Posted: 12 May 2011 05:11 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 16 ]
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There is few things which is essential: links links links:)
1. Forum threads/posts
2. Blogs
3. Forum profile links (highly discussed recently that they don’t work anymore, but links still show up nearly every day in my case)
4. Articles (hubpages, ezinearticles and few more best ones). Don’t submit one article to tens of sites as this won’t work
5. web2.0 (squidoo)
6. Directories (good only in a long run in my opinion)
7. Social bookmarking (works well)

As others said in previous posts, contect works best these days…


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improving seo is bit hard if you don’t know how to things… overall good unique content and some promotion will give good seo

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Always create content rich pages and try to build links from various similar type websites.I am doing good seo for my site Munnar honeymoon package.All the best

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Avoid quasi spam posts pretending to offer advice to cram a link in and read qualified SEO resources (this is a CSS forum folks) such as:


And many more if you look.

Avoiding bad advice is probably more beneficial than following good.

And good luck to you all.

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Here are nine ways to improve the SEO strength of every website you design.
1. Add a blog
2. Add Google Analytics to each page
3. Reduce code bloat
4. Make each page unique
5. Use meta description tags
6. Remove repetitive wording from the website layout
7. Add footer links to every page
8. Create a separate web page for each keyword or keyword phrase
9. Use keyword rich title tags on each page

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Its all about consistency. :-) You have to keep on building links to your site.  It can take up to three months for you to see any results in terms of rankings for a website. The reason being is that it takes that long for Google to trust your site. Think about it like this Google wants to only present the best sites in the search results if you could just rank in a couple of days then spammers would be dominating the SERPS. Just keep building links and keep building content. You’ve gone of to a great start by building links that your competition has.

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A guidance for SEO today is definitely the “SEO TABLE” from SearchEngineLand. Notice the importance/impact of Social Media these days.
In my opinion, anyone who ventures in optimizing their site/blog, should have this table printed and hung on the wall next to their monitor.
Personally, my struggle lies with time management in SEO. You just can’t do it all (by yourself).
I run a company in the travel business and in the end I am a full time CEO who is spending most of his time as an SEO…

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