CSS Problem in IE
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I have installed buddypress on one of my sites and thought I had integrated the CSS okay, however this page http://onlinebingorooms.org/members/admin/ seems to be corrupting in IE.

any thoughts as to how I can fix this? I have fiddled with the CSS for ages but cannot seem to get the same effect as I get in Chrome or Firefox.

any help appreciated.

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Hmmm try using the conditional statements - e.g.

<!—[if IE]> ... <![endif]—>

Or <!—[if lt IE 8]> (if less than IE 8)...
Well anyway in IE 9 it seems ok - the same as in chrome. so perhaps the problem are the previous versions of IE.
(You’re having a very common problem and that’s why I personally dislike IE so much)

So you could use

<!—[if lte IE 8]><span style=“margin-left:20px”><![endif]—>
normal code here
<!—[if lte IE 8]></span><![endif]—>

That would correct something by moving it 20 pixels from the left (to the right) when
displaying in versions that are IE 8 or earlier (in IE 9 seems fine)...

You can use http://browsershots.org/ to see how your website looks like in different browsers
and on different OSs.

Hope this helps.

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