Really random span p tag issue
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so i have to use CSS to code a page in a MUD and i can only access the CSS part of the display page. So all i can do is change CSS according to classes and names the different sections alrady have.

There are 2 main sections i’m haveing issues with and i think they may be the same problem.
there is one area in a tag with no class or id that holds a description. Then directly underneath it is another tag with a <span id=“objects”> inside.
I want to customize the description, give it a background color, change the font, move it ect. so i used p {background-color:#000000; position:absolute; top:200px; left:60px;} etc. THE THING IS i want the <span id=“objects”> bit to DISSAPPEAR. i don’t want it there at all so i used span#objects {visibility:hidden}.

now what i get is a box the right width and height for the description, but there’s no text. I think what’s happened is becuase both are p tags they are both moved one on top of the other and becuase the p span is made afterwards, its on top. But i’ve made it invisible AFTER the custom p css. i also tried using z-index and making all p span {visible:hidden}

Does anyone know why my description is gone?

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could you give a link to the page in question so we can get a better idea as to how to help?