Css Expression works in IE6 but Fails in IE7
Posted: 04 May 2010 09:21 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Hi All,

I am facing a peculiar problem between two versions of IE(6 and 7)

For a overlay style I have set the height parameter as follows [ Works in IE6]

min-height:100%; - For Firefox and other browsers

//height: [removed](document.getElementById(‘content’).clientHeight) + “px”);  - Hack for IE6

But strangely this hack fails in IE7 where the height is incorrectly calculated

But If I replace the expression with  

min-height:100%; - For Firefox and other browsers

height: height:auto !important; - Works fine in IE7 but fails in IE6

My Question in what can can I fix this issue

Is it possible to write a expression like

height: [removed] IF IE7 then (auto !important) Else (document.getElementById(‘content’).clientHeight) + “px”));

As I am quite new to CSS I would be much grateful for any guidance.

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