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Hi, I had been visiting the webpage of the French museum of instruments about six months ago, and I was able to download the images as needed.

Now, unfortunately, some smartass created a system to hinder an easy way of downloading the images. This is really horrible considering that the instruments in the museum are the product of people who died centuries ago and should be information readily available to anyone interested.

They are using a SWF file, which has some parameters that allow displaying the image.

Is there any way of inspecting that SWF file (merely a viewer) so as to get the url links of the images?

The webpage I’m talking about is:


As you see, the image is displayed through a flash application that hinders the “save image” feature. Is there any way of inspecting the location of the image files? I’m sure it must be somewhere, I even downloaded their ****ty “zoom” program with which they display the files (something .swf).



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