Black Screen w/ Cursor on Startup, Can’t boot up all the way to desktop
Posted: 29 April 2010 03:05 PM   [ Ignore ]
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I’m having trouble booting up. I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 with XP SP3.

I had been using it without any problems for several months and suddenly a few weeks ago, my McAfee caught 2 viruses on a routine scan. I believe they were called ‘Artemis’(?) I continued to run fine after that including running another full scan without picking up any viruses. The other day I got a blue screen of death but seemed to recover fine from that. Today, I just shut down my PC as usual before going out and when I tried to turn it on, I got the ‘chkdsk’ screen. It went throught the process and on the reboot it just stopped at a black screen with a cursor.

I’ve tried all versions of Safe Mode with no luck, still black screen with cursor and ‘Safe Mode’ in the corners. I’ve tried Ctrl-Alt-Del and nothing happens. The only thing I can seem to do is power off manually. Unfortunately, I don’t have a Windows XP CD and I’m wondering if there’s anything that can be done.


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