the word html code harm for SEO?
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i have a site with shopping cart system,and we upload our product information are copy from the word doc,and the doc have so many useful html code such as:><SPAN lang=EN-US style=“BORDER-RIGHT: windowtext 1pt; PADDING-RIGHT: 0cm; BORDER-TOP: windowtext 1pt; PADDING-LEFT: 0cm; FONT-SIZE: 13.5pt; PADDING-BOTTOM: 0cm; BORDER-LEFT: windowtext 1pt; COLOR: #69644e; PADDING-TOP: 0cm;>and i think this code is harm for seo,but they said it is insignificant, and these code of content will harm for the seo ?any suggest?

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That shouldnt harm in any way imho.

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Cleaner code is ALWAYS preferred but it shouldn’t have any real impact (though enough of it and you can affect page load time, visitor experience and thus - how Google feels about the traffic they send.  In-and-of-itself though it’s not horrible.

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Seriously?  What the heck does this have to do with the question?  Stop spamming and either contribute or leave.

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Its not harm to your site in any way. Dont worry.