Will pay for a little help! CSS in Myspace..
Posted: 12 May 2008 03:01 PM   [ Ignore ]
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I am a graphic designer and i am starting to do profiles for bands and i have been doing pretty good until now.
I am pushing down all the stuff on the myspace page so i can add an image at the top. It pushes everything down perfectly except the comments. However many pixels i push down the page at the top in also spreads the friends section and comments section apart that far.. I want the comments to fall directly after the friends! NO SPACE BETWEEN THEM! How do i stop this from happening…
Here is a link to check out so you can see what is happening..
If you can help me, i will also give you the loggin to the page so you can check out the code i use to push stuff down!

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I want to change someone’s myspace size using CSS. I want to do it by leaving it in a comment or if you know a bettter way.
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