how do i upload and what do i upload!!!Help.
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I have downloaded a css template and have most of it finished to the way i want it, but now i need to know what to do on the upload to my website server.
I know to upload the index.html but what else please help because i really love your site.

Hey im really sry about the caps i am an administrator for a league and its just habbit i didnt mean anything by it.

Hey how the heck do you check the post to your questions….call me dumb but i cant seam to get into mine.

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If your css is saved in an external file you will also need to upload that.

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Banana Man - 07 May 2007 01:18 PM

If your css is saved in an external file you will also need to upload that.

Good response, Banana Man,
Papabear you also need to recognise the following.

A regular user, (VISITOR) will connect to YOUR site (and this one) with their web browser, maybe IE or FireFox.

YOU as a WEB DEVELOPER need another way to connect to your site, as you need to upload the files that the VISITOR will see on YOUR site!

To do this, you can use what is called an FTP client.

WiseFTP all are different clients that you can use to connect to your site.

Using these tools, you can easily upload and copy over files on your site with new versions that you have worked on locally.

Your Web host provider will surely have an instructional page regarding setting up one of those clients for use.

good luck!


P.S. Regarding the CSS template, you also need to upload not just the “index.html”, but ALL the files mentioned in that index.html!

the easy way to do this would be to copy the ENTIRE FOLDER STRUCTURE of the css template and duplicate it on your server.

lets say that locally it looks like this.




If you look in the INDEX.HTML, it would reference the STYLES.CSS like this…

<link rel=“stylesheet” href=“css/styles.css” type=“text/css” />

If you do not reference the css properly, it will not be loaded, and the page will look funny.

so in short, you need to copy over all the files listed in the CSS template ( Css, images, Javascript, etc)
and maintain them in the same relative path/folder setup as well!

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lol, i’m just used to people knowing these kinds of things.  I can see now my reply probably wasnt the most helpful but as its a css forum i just thought he new about normal html files and needed to know what to do differently when uploading a css template.

Anyway, good advice above sfpapabear so that should get you going.