CSS problem with links
Posted: 10 February 2010 01:20 AM   [ Ignore ]
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I found a article about build a sliding login panel with jquery.
Link to Page: http://web-kreation.com/demos/Sliding_login_panel_jquery/

I implemented it in my website and want to have some links in the top of my Website.
In css/slide.css the Divs “.tab” and “.tab ul.login” are 42px high.
The links I need have to be in my Content (Header) padding-top:25px beside this black Tab.
But it doesn´t work. I see the links but I cannot click the links!
When I take padding-top:45px it works. But I need padding-top:25px.
Maybe because of the z-index? I tried a few hours with the z-index, but it doesn´t works.
Or can I place a special Div-Container with this links?

Please, could you help me? Maybe there is anyone who have a solution.