Horizontal List Menu Not Rendering Correctly in IE
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I am in desperate need of assistance!

I am trying for the first time to do a tableless layout using CSS. In one of the DIVs I am using a horizontal menu using LI (the particular script I am using for the most part is at http://css.maxdesign.com.au/listamatic/horizontal25.htm - it utilizes a bullet upon hover).

In order for the <div> to render, I had to not use the margin tag on the #navcontainer area (used Padding-top). It is rendering fine in Firefox and Netscape - but is not displaying well in IE and I cannot figure out how to correct this. Using a margin definition caused problems with the background displaying (left a huge gap). Could not use absolute positioning because I am using a footer and the “fixes” I found for that issue would not work for me.

Page is viewable at http://www.texasdogsonline.com/phoenixx/ and CSS at http://www.texasdogsonline.com/phoenixx/phoenixxstyle.css

I’m hoping someone with experience canhelp before I am completely bald from tearing out my hair!

Thanks in advance,


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any new links to post so I can see what the issue is