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draw, paint, design graphics, software programming, make t-shirt and shoe designs, digital art, photo editing.
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December 03, 2021  04:25 AM
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July 09, 2012  11:15 PM

Developer of Fatpaint.com - Online DTP software for painting, drawing, design graphics and photo editing.

Fatpaint.com is a free, full featured, online graphic design software for doing layered painting, vector drawing, photo editing and page layout. It’s the first Flash based painting and drawing program with full support for pressure sensitive Pen Tablets.

According to our reaserch, Fatpaint has more drawing and painting features than any other online graphics application and photo editor. Besides all the advanced features, Fatpaint has built-in, lots of graphical content, such as 980+ fonts, 3000+ vector clip arts that can be used as brushes, and 15.000 public domains images. It’s easy to search for images because of the extensive internet searching features.

To top it all, Fatpaint is integrated with Zazzle.com, a world leading custom printed products company. So while you are making graphics, it’s easy to preview it on most of the zazzle products, such as the t-shirts and mugs. The merchandise preview and ordering features are right next to the canvas, so at the press of a button you images can be displayed on the Zazzle products. So now it’s easier then ever for anyone to create graphics for t-shirts and other custom printed products.

We also see lots of value for people that already use professional applications for drawing, painting and layout. So we think Fatpaint can become a valuable tool, used alongside your other professional tools.

For me, a person that loves to make graphics for t-shirts, what really saves me time when working with Fatpaint, is the easiness of viewing graphics on t-shirts, mugs, etc… Usually, it’s quite time consuming to be exporting images manually into Zazzle. It’s not something you would be doing every 5 minuttes. In Fatpaint you can be previewing all the time without spending much time with it. The transfer of files to Zazzle is done for you. It takes around 3-5 minutes to create a text slogan, add a few paint strokes and preview it on a t-shirt.