CSS Drive Blog To get a Mac or not that is the question

Date: 03/31/2005 To get a Mac or not that is the question

I'm currently considering digging deep into my wallet (and behind the sofa cushions) to buy a Mac. But if I sound hesitant, it's because of the reason I'm looking to get one.

You see, I've always been a PC and Windows user, and despite how some people will rip me for that, it's what I'm comfortable with. Furthermore, you can't miss what you've never experienced (a preemptive response to those who say Mac's OS is far superior to Windows). I already have three PCs taking up way too much space in my home, and the last thing I need is another metal box making more noise and raising the temperature in my living space. So what's my main consideration for shelling out major dough for a Mac? To run browser tests of web pages on the Mac platform as budding web designers may have guessed. But unless you have a better way to phrase that, it sounds awfully wasteful a reason to get a new computer for. So the internal struggle continues on whether to proceed, and after that, which Mac exactly to get- Mini or iBook. Wait, I think that struggle is more external.

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I think that struggle is more external.

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